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Thermos Smart Lid


IoT, IT Outsourcing, iOS APP, Android APP, Bluetooth

Client Background

For over 110 years, consumers have trusted Genuine Thermos® Brand to provide quality insulated products. Thermos brand insulated products are built to last and provide convenient solutions for a more comfortable, enjoyable eating and drinking experience for people on the go, allowing consumers to make healthy choices on a daily basis.

Project Case

Thermos Smart Lid for iOS and Android APP

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Project Goal and Challenges

  • Achieve user hydration goals and support a healthy lifestyle with the Thermos® Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid. This 24-ounce bottle with smart lid is used in conjunction with the Thermos Smart Lid for Android APP / iOS APP and will measure user liquid intake while also providing the user with a live-time reading of the temperature of user beverage.
  • With the integrated hydration calculator, the user can calculate oneself own suggested intake level based on your age, sex, height, weight, and activity level.
  • This bottle also works with Fitbit®. By connecting your Fitbit account with the Thermos Smart Lid app, user profile information links for easy setup and then the user can instantly see oneself hydration stats sync each time a bottle of water is finished.
  • Using software automated testing methods that for more of 30+ devices were verified, including the various popular Smart-Phone and Smart-Pad sizes and various Android versions / iOS Versions, allowing users to gain an optimized experience.


  • Sensor tube on lid measures your water intake while providing real-time temperature readings
  • Chart and graph daily, weekly and monthly hydration progress.
  • Works with Fitbit®: water intake is automatically synced from user Thermos Smart Lid app to your Fitbit account
  • In-app reminders help user meet oneself hydration goals.

What Customers Say About Us

“It's an Internet of Things era, with pretty much everything getting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, so it's probably surprising that technology has come to the water bottle as well. Thermos is well-known beverage container maker. With WistronITS help, we were able to quickly design a software to invite more users to use the new Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid aims to "smarten" the smart water bottle by adding the ability to help our users keep track of how much water is drinking to stay hydrated and healthy.”


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