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IT Outsourcing, Medical Industry from Taipei, Taiwan; Jiangsu Province, China; San Francisco, USA.

Client Background

PlexBio Co., Ltd., established in May 2010, designs, develops and manufactures IVD products and instrumentations in ISO-certified facilities. PlexBio aims to provide a cutting-edge multiplexing platform using our patented Precision Image Code (πCodeTM, piCode) MicroDisc technology to overcome this limitation. Our πCodeTM MicroDisc technology is currently the largest multiplexing platform, capable of generating over 16,000 circular image patterns.

Project Case

IntelliPlex™ 1000 πCode Processor

Project Goal and Challenges

The goal of this project is to facilitate lab user with software that helps to conduct a custom assay or simply select defined assay modes with the multiplex purpose machine: IntelliPlex™ 1000 Processor. The machine is a combination of wash machine and thermo shaker which is target to reduce the complexity of lab procedures and minimize the time and costs of the lab processing. With IntelliPlex™ 1000 Processor, user can simply add samples and reagents to the plate and load the plate into the system. After 1 to 2 hours of waiting, depending on different assays, the plate is ready for analyzing.


IntelliPlex™ 1000 Processor system is aiming on following key features to reduce the complexity of lab procedures and minimize the time and costs of the lab processing:

  • Easy to use: User-friendly interface with embedded processing modes for PlexBio assays
  • Combines aspiration, buffer dispensing, shaking, automatic rinsing, heating, and
  • Incorporates a magnetic plate for minimizing MicroDiscs loss during washing
  • Designed for both molecular and immunoassays

What Customers Say About Us

Dr. Chin-Shiou Huang
Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

“I'm pleased to recommend the outstanding and professional services Wistron ITS have provided for the past years. With Wistron’s help, we work together to design our IntelliPlex™ 1000 πCode Processor. Wistron ITS provides exceptional services, creates the friendly partnership, demonstrates the capabilities of issue identifying and resolving, and provides promptly communications throughout the software development life cycle; Wistron ITS exceeds beyond our original expectations. I believe Wistron ITS is one of the best ITS companies that may bring you the world-class software while keeping the cost of the operation low.”


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