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Gravity Healthcare


IT Outsourcing, Medical Industry from Los Angeles, California, USA

Client Background

Gravity Healthcare is a company strives to hand the power of medical information back to the patients. Currently the majority of electronic medical records and other medical data reside with the healthcare institutions and are inaccessible to the patients. Gravity Healthcare aims to allow patients access to their own medical data, to facilitate sharing of data between doctors and patients, as well as to create new values for these data and reward patients who are willing to donate them..

Project Case

Gravity Healthcare System

Project Goal and Challenges

The goal of Gravity Healthcare System is to allow patients to access their diagnostic exam results online and share them with their doctors. With proper authorizations and informed consents, patients can view their past exam reports from different exam facilities and share them with their doctors across different hospitals or specialties. Doctors can also create and submit exam orders using the platform on behalf of their patients.

What Customers Say About Us

Michael Edwards, MD, PhD
CEO of Gravity Healthcare

“I'm pleased to recommend the outstanding and professional services Wistron ITS have provided for the past years. With Wistron’s help, we work together to design our IntelliPlex™ 1000 πCode Processor. Wistron ITS provides exceptional services, creates the friendly partnership, demonstrates the capabilities of issue identifying and resolving, and provides promptly communications throughout the software development life cycle; Wistron ITS exceeds beyond our original expectations. I believe Wistron ITS is one of the best ITS companies that may bring you the world-class software while keeping the cost of the operation low.”


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