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Customer Service 3.0

Using AI technologies such as search, natural language, context analysis and human-machine interaction as basis, the SmartRobot conducts dialogue with the users in a live-like manner, offering answers for the customers. This allows a better user experience and improves the quality of service as well as the corporate image.


Smart Customer Service offers the following features:

  • Best representation of New era of Intelligence Communication (Customer Service 3.0)
  • Unlimited potential of scope of service
  • The design of Q&A interaction for daily life information and professional terminology, offers the customers real-time answers with authority and professionalism.

High Efficiency Customer Service Platform

SmartRobot uses the three major elements to set up the highly efficient customer service platform.

Smart Robot

Upgrading from a one-on-one telephone conversation to a one-to-multiple service robot, it allows for interaction between human and machine and offers an effective improvement on service efficiency and quality.

Online Text Customer Service

Offering the flexibility to switch to a human customer service representative on the same dialogue window, the instant messaging service representative can rapidly assess the customers’ issues and offer the best solution.

Customer Service Knowledge Management

Through building and expanding the customer service knowledge database, the SmartRobot will continue to expand the scope of its service as well as the content of answers provided to the customers, thus enabling enterprises to offer a real-time customer service platform that is 24-7.


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