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R&D as a Service

With years of experience in talent cultivation, R&D management, and industrial application development, Wistron ITS has been helping clients improve their market foresight, efficiency, and development time by providing R&D resources and services. Wistron ITS’s mission is to be its clients’ trusted partner and serve as their extension in both the US and Asia.

Wistron ITS offers flexible software development models and delivery centers that can be configured to support software development initiatives including design, development, testing, deployment, operations, and support. Wistron ITS has completed over 6,000 projects and the accumulated experience has enabled it to operate with methodologies and control processes that put customer service and quality first.


  • Product pre-researching, development, and testing
  • Custom software development
  • Software testing & maintenance
  • Localized R&D for specific markets
  • Flexible service delivery models (onsite/offsite/offshore)

Why Wistron ITS?

Wistron ITS is a leading IT service provider with 28 years of experience in software development and serves more than 50 Fortune 500 clients and industry leaders. With over 6,000 IT employees worldwide, Wistron ITS provides its clients with the competitive technology to succeed in various industries including finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and healthcare. Through high quality and customizable delivery models, Wistron ITS can easily be configured to be an extension of your team and a partner in your digital transformation journey.