BPO - Business Process Outsourcing

Our BPO services incorporate all business processes occurring in a company’s day-to-day operations:

  • Data Input & Correction
  • Finance & human resource management
  • Membership Application & Member Services
  • Customer Service Center
  • Data Entry

Electronic Data Processing

EDP services use automated methods to process commercial data. Wistron ITS provides EDP services to process large volumes of similar information such as stock updates applied to inventory, banking transactions applied to account and customer master files, booking and ticketing transactions for an airline's reservation system, or utility company service billing for the use of gas, electricity or water.

Our EDP services are highly specialized but once established can simplify data processing and enable customers with complex operations to rely upon common conventions and interfaces.


Wistron ITS offers financial support services that enable our customers to offload things like credit card processing and general application functions. We specifically offer a dedicated team of specialists to assist with financial tracking and processing, such as the following:

  • Application image processing, data input, and cardholder information upkeep
  • Automated credit approval processing
  • Applicants’ credit scoring processing
  • Credit card billing
  • Direct marketing and rewards processing
  • Insurance and loan application processing
  • Customer service and call center management

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