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Wistron ITS Achieves International Certification CMMI Maturity Level 5

Wistron ITS celebrated achieving CMMI maturity level 5. General Manager of Wistron ITS China Business Group Yuxiang Yang posed together with the team.

The Wuhan branch of Wistron ITS recently earned the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) maturity level 5 rating, which shows that Wistron ITS has reached high international standards in capabilities such as development process, organization, technology research and development, project management, and program delivery.

There are five maturity levels in the CMMI Assessments, of which level 5 is the highest level. By earning the level 5 rating, Wistron ITS has shown that its exceptional software capabilities have reached the best standards. Not only does this mean that we have successfully met the thresholds of all four previous levels, but also that we are capable of executing excellent software development and preventing potential problems from emerging during the process of project execution. Wistron ITS is proactive in improving workflows, implementing new technologies, and optimizing processes, which gives the company a more competitive edge in the global market.

Certificate of Wistron ITS achieving CMMI maturity level 5.