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Wistron ITS: “Pliking” for a Cleaner Elephant Mountain

Wistron ITS President/CEO Ching Hsiao (center) participating in a pliking trip on Elephant Mountain with colleagues.

As summer is a great time for hiking, Wistron ITS organized a “pliking” (picking up litter while hiking) event on Elephant Mountain in Taipei City. President/CEO Ching Hsiao participated in the event along with other members of the Wistron ITS team, doing their part to leave the mountain, which helps Taipei breathe, a little cleaner.

With restrictions loosening as the pandemic wanes, life is gradually returning to normal. This is a great opportunity to leave the house and get some fresh air. Wistron ITS called on our colleagues to bring their family and friends on an eco-friendly hike along the Xiangshan Hiking Trail, donning gloves and picking up trash grabbers and bags, to collect garbage littering the trail. Although the “Keep Trash Off the Ground” program has been running for some time, the plikers still found surgical masks, plastic cups, plastic bags, shuttlecocks and other pieces of garbage along the trail. Their efforts left the Xiangshan Hiking Trail cleaner than before.

Wistron ITS’ President/CEO Ching Hsiao says that as a corporate citizen, we want to express our appreciation for nature through our actions, and do what we can for the environment. “What one person can do is limited, but if everyone does what they can, it adds up to a great amount of good that can change the world, and ensure a bright future for the next generation,” says Mr. Hsiao.

This event also echoes the UN’s SDG 15: protecting terrestrial ecosystems. After the hike, our colleagues enjoyed a relaxing view of Taipei 101 and Taipei Basin. Such beautiful natural environments need our protection, so we hope everyone can work together to safeguard our mountains and forests, and sustain our environment for generations to come.

Wistron ITS colleagues hard at work cleaning the Xiangshan Hiking Trail.