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From Junior Engineer to Account Manager:A Wistron ITS “Power Woman” Takes on the Global

Angela (center) and colleagues pictured at Wistron ITS’ U.S. Business Unit.

She started out as a junior engineer and then project manager, before moving overseas to work as an account manager for Fortune Global 500 clients. “She” is Angela, an account manager at Wistron ITS’ U.S. Business Unit. As a woman in a foreign country, Angela has made her mark in the technology industry and become her clients’ most trusted partner. Angela says her key to a successful career is training herself constantly and staying passionate about technology.

Opening a new chapter and opportunities in the U.S.

Angela grew up in Wuhan, and has been working at Wistron ITS for 14 years since graduating from university. She credits Wistron ITS’ step-by-step professional trainings as the key to helping her gain much expertise during her early years in the workforce. After five years of professional training, and aided by her ability to adapt to diverse cultures, Angela was promoted from engineer to U.S.-facing project manager.

In 2013, Angela moved overseas to help Wistron ITS expand our U.S. market. Her job was to target and attract Fortune Global 500 clients, all while facing competitors from around the world. She put great effort into improving her English to overcome the language barrier, and tirelessly researched to gain a better understanding of her clients’ needs and ideas. Time after time, she coordinated the Wistron ITS team to swiftly respond and deliver to her clients. As a result, she and her team have won the approval of the clients and gradually expanded our business.

Today, Angela and the Wistron ITS team work together to assist the world's top enterprises in digital transformation, helping them stay ahead in the game through the development of industrial automation cloud services, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), 3D visualization, AI machine learning and other brand new areas of software development.

Account Manager as “bridge”, “shield”, and “emergency services”

As an Account Manager, Angela says her role is to be a bridge, a shield, and emergency services. She needs to act as a bridge between clients and the Wistron ITS team, and is also the shield that protects her team when necessary. More importantly, her role is to understand clients' urgent needs and expectations, and to deliver and accomplish tasks with precision in an emergency.

Outside of work, Angela is active in learning and is constantly improving herself. She is a district director of Toastmasters International, and is studying for an MBA at the University of California, Irvine. She has also earned PMI-ACP certification, and has completed MIT’s online program on Digital Transformation. “I get a sense of accomplishment when I feel that I’ve learned more this year than last year,” Angela says. “Continuous learning helps me keep up with the times, as well as stay sensitive to and enthusiastic about new technologies.”

All these years, Angela’s work motto has been "No pain, no gain” and "Tomorrow is another day", facing any challenge with optimism. In the future, Angela will continue to keep a positive attitude, and work with her team to reach new heights both within Wistron ITS and on the global stage.