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As Zero-contact Business Booms, Software Talents Become Driving Force for a Smart Future

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the whole world, and as things stand, a return to normal life will not be likely until a vaccine is developed. “Zero-contact” measures, implemented to keep the pandemic under control, have changed the way people live and shop. It is therefore a trend that cannot be ignored. “Zero-contact”, combined with technology, will become a key opportunity for future innovation.

Zero-contact healthcare: leveraging online consultations and smart instruments

In order to avoid cluster infections during the pandemic, the healthcare sector is now re-evaluating the value of online consultations, and is more willing to invest more resources to optimize this process. Online consultations combine hardware and software technologies, using technologies such as 5G, IoT, big data and AI to aid diagnosis, as well as leveraging smart instruments to monitor biological data. This allows for accurate remote healthcare, and can encourage the development of remote care.

Zero-contact life: the rise of food delivery, ecommerce and digital cash flow

Online shopping and food delivery orders have skyrocketed during the pandemic, with many businesses moving from selling in-person to online. The expansion of ecommerce has driven increased application of big data and AI for analysis, and has also given rise to digitalization needs. Mobile payments, which answer the need for “zero contact”, have become more widely accepted by consumers during the pandemic as well. This is in turn encouraging the development of digital cash flow services.

Zero-contact entertainment: streaming and home workouts

To avoid cluster infections in movie theaters, the need for mobile-friendly streaming services has soared. Electronic games have also become everyone’s best stay-at-home buddy, and offer brand new business opportunities for integration with AR/VR services. If you want something more active, various platforms are also offering digital workout services, which allow you to connect via screen and put yourself through the paces with instructors and other workout buddies. Add in wearable smart workout equipment, and you can track your health and fitness as well as maintain a regular workout schedule, all while staying safely at home.

As the “zero-contact” trend spreads across the globe, software engineers stand at the frontlines of digital transformation, and have greater opportunities to put their skills to use. Wistron ITS sees not only crises in the pandemic, but also new business opportunities, and therefore we are committed to working with our clients to create a “smart” future in this extraordinary time.