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Demand for Software Engineers Remains High, with JAVA and .NET Most Sought After

Due to the recent impact of COVID-19, many job-seekers are taking a “watch-and-wait” approach to job hunting, while some companies are also more cautious about recruitment. Wistron ITS continues to offer job opportunities and welcomes all software engineering talents to join us.

Global demand for software engineers remains high, and Wistron ITS has focused to the IT sector for a very long time, with a presence in areas such as AI, big data, FinTech, IoT and 5G application. A closer look at demand for talent in software engineering reveals that JAVA and .NET engineers remain the most sought-after, while big data engineers, C/C++ engineers and mobile app developers for iOS/Android are also hot property. Recently, demand for software testing has seen a rise as well.

In response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, since February Wistron ITS has adopted flexible and diverse ways of working in accordance to client needs. We are committed to supporting our clients’ operations as their most trusted partner. We will continue to leverage our strengths in providing IT services to work with our clients through these extraordinary times. Together with our clients, we are prepared to face any challenges and seize new opportunities.

Join us and get the opportunity to grow with Global 500 corporations as well as other amazing companies in Taiwan and around the world, and expand your work experience and career development to a global stage. See our job opportunities here: https://www.104.com.tw/company/13u3sbvs