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Wistron ITS Organizes Blood Drive to Help with Blood Shortage Fears Amid Pandemic

Wistron ITS employees donating their blood.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many people are staying at home, and with rules restricting blood donations from people who recently returned from countries that the government has issued travel warnings for, there is a risk of blood shortage all across Taiwan. Therefore, Wistron ITS organized a blood drive today, calling on our colleagues and neighbors at our Xizhi Headquarters to donate their blood and help alleviate the blood shortage. Over a hundred people participated in the blood drive.

As the sun shone bright in the sky, the blood donation bus rolled into the driveway in front of the building where our Xizhi Headquarters is located. Thus began the all-day blood drive. Many of our colleagues participated, as well as other people living or working in the neighborhood, giving their blood with enthusiasm.

To ensure the health and safety of all blood donors, professional staff from the blood center took everyone’s temperature and disinfected with alcohol spray. After donating, donors not only received snacks but also a small bottle of hypochlorous acid disinfectant (prepared by the Wistron ITS Volunteer Club) as thanks for their contribution and to help them stay healthy during the pandemic. Wistron ITS also thanks our neighbor, Corsair, for providing glow-in-the-dark yo-yos as gifts for the blood donors.

We greatly appreciate our colleagues and friends for kindly contributing to help maintain blood stock levels. We encourage everyone to donate blood regularly to spread the love and help those in need.