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Looking for a New Job? Software Engineers are Hot Property

After the Lunar New Year, many people are looking to change jobs. For software engineers, what are the hottest programming languages of 2020? What opportunities in which industries should they aim for?

Wistron ITS is a leading information technology services company in the Asia-Pacific region. Ginnie Hsu, General Manager of Wistron ITS’ Taiwan Hong Kong Business Group, says that in the new year, there remains high demand for software engineers in the high-tech IT, financial, manufacturing and telecom industries. In regards to programming languages, JAVA and .NET are at the top of the demand list, while mobile app development for iOS/Android and C/C++ are also popular. In addition, professionals with open source framework and agile development skills (such as Angular, Vue, Spring Boot, Python API etc.) are also high in demand, and having cloud development experience (such as AWS, GCP and Azure) is also a huge advantage.

Ms. Hsu observes that the application of technologies such as financial technology, big data, AI, 5G and IoT in the aforementioned industries is still in the development stage; therefore demand for new digital services will only continue to rise. “From senior project management personnel, system analysts, programmers and testers to entry-level talents who are interested in jobs related to software, Taiwan’s demand for software talents is great and long-standing. We believe there are a lot of spaces waiting to be filled,” says Ms. Hsu.

Wistron ITS recommends software engineers to pay attention to the trends, determine the industry sector they want to enter, and join large-scale development projects in front-running companies to start accumulating real experience as soon as possible. With time, they will definitely be seen by employers as a “most valuable player”.

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