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This is the Way to do Sales! Wistron ITS Sales Director Shares His Experience

Nevin Hsiao, Sales Director of Wistron ITS Taiwan Business Group, shares is sales experiences.

Sales skills aren’t just for selling products, but can also be a secret weapon for everyone to use when pitching a project to their boss or marketing their worth to others. To end 2019 on a high note, Nevin Hsiao, Sales Director of Wistron ITS Taiwan Business Group, shared his experiences from each stage of his career, and encouraged colleagues to strengthen themselves from the outside in, and fearlessly present the best version of themselves.

From sales rookie to working with big-name clients

When he first joined the industry, Nevin was introduced to the FAB sales method, which uses the needs of the client as a starting point to introduce products. This method makes it easier build a connection with clients, and is also a very useful tool for persuasion in daily life. As he gained experience, Nevin also expanded his knowledge of how to work with clients. How do you cultivate potential clients on the market? How do you maintain client relations? How do you use the SPIN selling method to discover the client’s needs? All of these details are very important and require much attention. Don’t think that being in sales is just about chatting with the clients; every stable collaboration with a client is the result of vast amounts of hard work.

Selling with stories to inspire people

A touching story can be far more persuasive than a string of data. With his years of experience, Nevin believes that in addition to various sales theories and skills, sales representatives should also sell with stories to touch a client’s heart. Stories can help the client relax and listen to what you have to say, as well as nurture mutual trust. Nevin encouraged everyone who attended his talk to tell their stories as if talking to a friend, and express themselves confidently and steadily. He also said that “your physical posture will affect your state of mind”, and reminded everyone to do some stretching exercises before important meetings to help build their confidence and maintain a calm state of mind.

“Cherish the experiences of every stage; anything extra that you learn today will always come into use tomorrow” was the advice and encouragement Nevin had for colleagues at the end of 2019. We were very glad to close the year with Nevin’s talk, and hope all our colleagues can take all that they’ve absorbed in 2019, and use it to further enrich their learning in 2020. Happy New Year!