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Wistron ITS Launches 8855 Hotline Offering VIP-level Support to Employees

Want to get special VIP-level support with just one phone call? Wistron ITS hears you! This year, we launched our 8855 hotline, which our employees working on client premises can call and have their questions answered by dedicated staff. Last month, we also launched an 8855 Line channel especially for the Taiwan Hong Kong Business Group. This channel provides real-time online support and is managed by the lovely Claire, who has been described as a “godsend” by colleagues who have used the 8855 Line channel.

Providing crucial support with empathy and care

Tap, tap, tap…Claire’s fingers move quickly as she types out a message in Line, but don’t think she’s only chatting about random gossip. With a sunny smile that instantly puts people at ease, Claire’s job is to respond to the various questions that colleagues submit through Line. “There’s something wrong with my email, I’ve sent a bunch of them but can’t tell if they’ve gone through.” “Why does my salary look wrong this month? How was it calculated?” “How do I claim reimbursement for this cost?” Wistron ITS has many employees working on client premises away from our offices, and the last thing they need is confusion about who to take their questions to. If they keep being placed on hold and getting conflicting answers, they would—understandably—be frustrated or angry. Claire’s patience and empathy while helping these colleagues is what gives the 8855 channel a personal touch.

“Actually, most of the questions are quite similar, and many of them are about our company’s regulations, such as how to use the online system, human resource-related queries, or questions about other small details. Even though these questions seem repetitive for me, they’re all first-time issues for our colleagues, so having patience is very important,” says Claire. “Unlike colleagues who work in our offices, it’s harder for those stationed on client premises to find someone to answer questions. Sometimes they’ll be anxious or frustrated, so I try to empathize and respond quickly to help solve the problem.”

Compiling FAQs to help solve common problems

To be able to answer 90% of the questions almost immediately, Claire first has to be extremely well prepared. When the 8855 hotline was still in the planning stage, Claire began to gather all sorts of common questions, and enlisted the help of various departments to compile a list of FAQs. This was to establish a standard answer list that everyone can refer to—no more miscommunications or differing answers.

With 90% of the questions taken care of, Claire puts her enthusiasm and effort into the remaining 10%, often running queries personally to the relevant departments. “I think that being there personally with our colleagues helps them feel more comfortable, because they’ll have someone familiar to support them,” she says.

Interestingly, compared to the 8855 hotline and email queries, the 8855 Line channel sees far more traffic. This may be because nowadays communicating through message apps is the norm for most people, and it’s also more convenient for sending screenshots to illustrate the problem when necessary.

Claire is on standby on the 8855 channels to support our colleagues in Taiwan, so we encourage our colleagues to make use of these channels and feel the extra personal touch of the 8855 service. In the future, Wistron ITS will continue to expand the services offered by employee support teams at all our locations, to better support our colleagues on their jobs.