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How to Win Your Client’s Heart: Tips from a Client-end Engineer

Earlier this month, we published an article in which veteran Wistron ITS engineer Ken shared his tips for personal growth. Since then we’ve received many inquiries from our other engineering colleagues, asking if we had any tips for engineers working at the client-end that could help them become their client’s go-to person for issues. We turned once more to Ken, who is highly valued by his world-class client, to share his advice on how to win a client’s heart.

Tip 1: View yourself as part of the company and integrate with the client

Ken has worked many years for his current client, and he stresses the importance of interpersonal relationships, doing his best to integrate himself into the client’s environment. “Working at the client-end means you have to see yourself as part of the client company,” he says. Ken does this by making an effort to interact and communicate with his colleagues. When working at the client-end, knowing your co-workers well and establishing good rapport can help everyone work more smoothly, as well as allow you to better understand the client’s needs and expectations during discussions.

Tip 2: Never pretend to understand something

“Never pretend to understand something,” says Ken with a laugh. Working at the client-end comes with expectations and pressure, so you might be afraid to ask questions, but Ken believes that when you run into a problem, asking for help is always the right thing to do. You especially need to confirm with someone when you truly cannot understand or are very unsure about the issue. Whatever you’re dealing with, it’s crucial to remember to communicate more and not lose your temper, so that the work can be done smoothly.

Tip 3: Have a “can-do” attitude

“The client’s business is my business”, says Ken. He believes in maintaining a “can-do” attitude when working for clients. It’s okay if some things are beyond your abilities at first—you can always improve in time, but the most important thing is to never stop anywhere short of meeting the client’s needs. “If there’s a need, then there will always be someone who can do it, so you just have to do it” is Ken’s advice for engineers who are just starting out. If you have a “can-do” attitude, you’ll naturally continue to improve yourself; in turn, if you listen carefully to what the client wants, as well as observe what skills your job needs, you’ll know which direction you need to work in to become a great engineer.

Ken’s greatest achievement at the client-end is earning his client’s trust and becoming their valued partner in achieving goals and solving problems. No matter where you’re working, your attitude will make a world of difference. We hope that everyone will be able to find a career environment that suits them well and allows them to enjoy and excel at their job.