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Wistron ITS Sponsors the Wild Bird Association of Taiwan’s 2020 Calendars to Support

Taiwan boasts the world’s densest population of endemic birds, and 29 endemic bird species such as the Taiwan blue pheasant and the Taiwan hwamei can be found in our forests. However, many bird habitats have been destroyed by environmental pollution. The protection of these habitats, as well as the care and rehabilitation of injured or sick birds require a vast amount of effort and resources.

In this era of technological advancement, the principle of “valuing life” is more important than ever. The Wild Bird Association of Taiwan cares deeply about bird ecology, and has often organized volunteers to conserve wetland habitats, as well as invested resources in bird rescue and rehabilitation. They have captured twelve stunning images of wild birds to create a calendar for 2020, with all proceeds from calendar sales going to habitat conservation and bird rescue.

Wistron ITS invites you to help the environment by purchasing a calendar. For details, please see the image below or call the Wild Bird Association of Taiwan at +886 4 2260-0518

Learn more about the Wild Bird Association of Taiwan: http://www.birdtaiwan.com/

Help us ensure the wild birds of Taiwan will forever fly free across our lands and waters.