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Wistron ITS “Software Engineering Wednesday”: Blogger Allen Kuo Talks OOP Design Models

Blogger Allen Kuo speaks at Software Engineering Wednesday.

At the latest “Software Engineering Wednesday”, a monthly technical workshop for Wistron ITS’ software engineers, renowned blogger Allen Kuo was invited to speak about OOP (Object-oriented programming) models, and to help our engineers learn and grow.

Object-oriented programming is a programming paradigm that is based on the concept of “objects”, and is an abstract principle of programming. With over two decades of experience in website and project development for foreign companies, Mr. Kuo used real examples to explain the various aspects of OOP, from interface application of object-orientation and design models, to when to use a delegate. Participating software engineers said that learning about the application and coding of chain-of-responsibility patterns was useful to their current work, and helped them further understand the applicable contexts of these design models.

Participants of “Software Engineering Wednesday” were also treated to a lovely dinner and enjoyed a relaxed mid-week evening. We hope that the technical practice workshop offered our colleagues an opportunity to learn new things in a relaxed and interactive environment, and that the tough codes now seem much friendlier to them. We would also like to see more members of the Wistron ITS team at next month’s workshop.

Some of our colleagues even came all the way from Taoyuan to participate in this action-packed evening of dinner, networking and learning. We welcome all of our colleagues across the Wistron ITS Taiwan and Hong Kong Business Unit to attend our future “Software Engineering Wednesdays”.