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Opportunities and Challenges Offered by Digital Transformation

Rick Chang, Executive Vice President of Wistron ITS, believes that the adoption of digital transformation and further creation of new business models are a true test of strategy and wisdom for businesses.

Today, digitization is an integral part of daily life, and no business can avoid the trend of digital transformation. Rick Chang, Executive Vice President of Wistron ITS, recently spoke about the ‘Opportunities and Challenges Offered by Digital Transformation’ at the company’s Taipei headquarters, sharing his forward-looking vision and thoughts on the subject.

In regards to the trend of digital transformation, Mr. Chang pointed out that the world is moving in a ‘smarter’ direction. Every day, businesses are gaining new insights with new technologies and using these insights to create new value. How businesses embrace this trend and seamlessly adapt to digital transformation, even further creating new, innovative business models, will be a true test of their strategic ability and wisdom.

The success of digital transformation relies on many factors, including organization talent, data, technology infrastructure, information security, corporate culture, business models and workflow procedures, all of which are important things that bear careful consideration. More importantly, organizations must first clearly define their ultimate objective for digital transformation, and then make plans accordingly. If the objective is unclear or too broad in scope, there will be a higher chance of the actual result falling short of the expected outcome, and thus have a negative impact on the performance of the transformation.

To achieve digital transformation, businesses will need to cultivate talents in technologies such as AI, Big Data, IoT, Fintech, and even 5G. This is a difficult task, but is one that Wistron ITS excels at. Wistron ITS offers clients information technology services that include a diverse range of IT professionals in various fields, allowing corporations to focus on their core businesses. With this wave of digital transformation, Wistron ITS has been able to develop new ways of working and achieve levels of growth that were once unachievable. In the future, Wistron ITS will continue to work closely alongside our clients to embrace the changes and brand new opportunities brought by digital transformation.