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The Application and Development of AIOT

Global Trend of 5G networks and AIOT

With the development of 5G networks, there will be more breakthrough and wide-spread application of AIOT (IoT technology that combines AI). From integrating virtual and reality to robotics, smart manufacturing to new retails, AIOT can add value to the application, changing the technology and social structure we know.

AIOT Opens A World of Applications

AI-assisted data analysis and machine learning technology not only allows us to find new business insights from big data but also allows for automated technology to respond to human needs. IoT, on the other hand, connects different devices across the network, allowing us to obtain real-time data, and realize centralized device management. When we combine AI technology with the IoT technology that connects across devices, we open a world of possible applications. From daily-life application where real-time monitoring of expired produces in the refrigerator can lead to better health, to systems that lower business operation costs, such has setting up deep-learning cameras next to IoT monitored pipelines, where AI is trained to recognize images to determine the status of the pipes and react in real-time. AIOT has unlimited potential.

Wistron ITS Assists Customers in Improving Administrative Efficiency

Wistron ITS collaborates with both domestic and international customers. Whilst assisting our clients in setting up IoT systems that create inter-device connections, we are also introducing AI into the system. By integrating the connection of data and devices, we will be able to monitor facilities that require maintenance through the IoT network. In addition, AI-assisted smart analysis can accelerate the realization of automated maintenance and monitoring. From IoT to AIOT, Wistron ITS assists our clients in real-time monitoring of equipment, improving administrative efficiency, and further propels the business into the world of automation and smart procedures.

Creating Value in Collaboration with Our Clients

With the dawning of the 5G network, Wistron ITS will continue to promote the understanding and development of AIOT. We aim to continue to assist our clients by introducing a new application of the latest AI developments to the existing IoT infrastructure, in order to develop applications that are more diverse and suit the market’s needs. We hope to embrace the new frontiers with our clients and herald in a new age where technology is even more inseparable from our daily life.