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Wistron ITS China HQ Completion – Opening in Wuhan Software New Town

To align with the need for business growth, the Wistron ITS China HQ opened in Wuhan today, hoping to offer excellent service, quality working environment, and innovative technology. CEO Ching Hsiao, leading a group of senior management team members, attended the opening ceremony today (26th).

The Wistron ITS China HQ is set in Wuhan Software New Town, which hopes to become the largest international software and information technology service hub in central China. Benefiting from being in central China, enables the gathering of talent from all over China. WITS HQ, with its base in Wuhan, shall expand towards the world, offering professional quality service. We hope to continue working with our partners, and make some new friends along the way.

Our new contact information is as follows:
Building C21, Group 1, Term 3, Wuhan Software New Town, 8 Huacheng Ave., Donghu New Technology Development District, Hongshan, Wuhan, Hubei, China
Telephone: +86-27-8725-9322

As an international company that sets the standards, Wistron ITS considered first and foremost the employees’ needs. The new offices are open plan and offer room for culture. The open plan offices help inspire our colleagues’ creativity, while there’s plenty of green space in the conference rooms and sitting area. Also offered are canteen area, and a gym to allow our employee to recharge, and offer their services with refreshed aplomb.

Wistron ITS CEO Ching Hsiao (5th from left) and directors take a photo in front of the multimedia room with senior management team members.
Front Desk of WITS China HQ
Office Area
Conference Area
Sitting Area