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The Career of a Software Engineer

Technology advances day by day, and information technology constantly comes up with innovation. In this era of change, a software engineer is a profession that provides both challenges and a sense of accomplishment. As a software engineer, what should one consider when it comes to gaining all the XP to level up in the world of codes?

Wistron ITS offers IT service to global 500 companies as well as domestic and international companies. We interview tens of thousands of engineers every year. Chun-hung Chen, Wistron ITS Operation Manager and Talent Recruitment Center Director, points out that aside from excelling in at least one main programming language, software engineers should also think about their future career development. With a goal in mind, the candidate would be able to accumulate domain knowledge background, fully immerse themselves in the relevant technology and market trend.

Chen says, with enterprises on the journey of digital transformation, the job market for software engineers still has a bigger demand than supply. Engineers with at least two years of field experience are especially popular and will not lack interview invitations. If the programming freshmen are from cram schools and lack actual field experience, Chen would suggest to them to build up a portfolio and accumulate interview experience. After at least 1 year of field experience, they are more likely to persuade the employers that these ‘newbies’ have what it takes. When applying for a new job, any experience in a large company, especially that of a larger-scaled project, would be a bonus.

Wistron ITS has analyzed the market demand for software engineers and concluded that the market is lacking in talent that specializes in JAVA and .NET. JAVA is the most common programming language in the field of finance, whilst .NET has wider application in various fields. Interestingly, for software engineers, software testing is one of the pathways to rapidly accumulate field or industry experience. Freshmen might look into this area when starting out on their job hunt.

Chen mentioned, that most businesses look for software engineers with at least two-year field experiences, and engineers with a good project execution track record and ability will get extra bonus points. Therefore, any experience that can be gained in staying with a big company or a comprehensive development team is advantageous. Additionally, software engineers should think of their career development plan at the start of their career. Chen encourages software engineers to focus on a specific area to accumulate domain knowledge. After all, several years accumulated in the same field is much more attractive to the potential employer than having one year of experience in several fields.

Wistron ITS Operation Manager and Talent Recruitment Center Director Chun-hung Chen advises software engineers to accumulate domain knowledge and think about their long-term career development.