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How do you allow Taiwanese game players to understand the humor in a Japanese mobile game?

How do you make navigation systems understandable in South American countries? For the past 20 years, the Wistron ITS Product Globalization Team has been focusing on such impossible tasks. The team teaches products the local language in their respective target markets and overcomes the challenge of ‘allowing customer products to transcend borders and become accessible to all international users’!

Becoming the Messenger of Product Value

“We are not just translators, we are messengers of value,” says Cliff Yang, manager of the Product Globalization Team. No matter how creative or innovative, a product can lose its original spirit when it crosses a border. In order to express the products’ value, Cliff’s team establishes a deep understanding of each target market’s culture. Combined with strict translation quality control, this allows a product to maintain its spirit and appear fluent, even if on the other side of the world. This is what the Product Globalization Team is passionate about.

Cliff Yang, Manager of the Product Globalization Team

Multinational Team, Presenting A Localized Cultural Landscape

Product Globalization is all-encompassing, from UI to App content translation, all the way to AI and Big Data testing. To do this well requires a multinational team. The team members of the Product Globalization Team come from various Asian-Pacific countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand; and the multicultural environment has offered even more inspiration. The team handles more than 28 different languages, allowing creativity from every corner of the world to emerge from their origin, and through the efforts of the Product Globalization Team, transcend borders to different target markets.

Assisting the Globalization of Mobile Games, AI and Different Types of Software

The Wistron ITS Product Globalization Team helps products transcend language barriers and borders. The team serves mobile games, AI, and Machine Learning, among others. “Mobile games are interesting; you see feedback online almost instantly.” says Cliff, smiling. With the effort of the Wistron ITS Product Globalization Team, pieces of software that have the potential to change the world can cross borders and cultural barriers and be embraced by the locals in their target market. The team is passionate to assist more software in impacting the world.

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