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IoT Transformative Era Is Coming

In 2016, global spending on the IoT across markets was $737 billion. IDC predicts that by 2020, this number will reach $1.29 trillion, a compound annual growth rate of 15.6 %. For 2018, 60% of global manufacturers will use analytics data recorded from connected devices to analyze processes and identify optimization possibilities.

The computer industry also has gone through transformation of business model. From selling hardware, selling software, open source to selling service. Eventually the way to make money is to go data-centric direction. Data will be the king and to make money. IoT is driving the industry to this direction.

And there are multiple technology (4/5G, Cloud, AI/ML) now are working together to quickly transform IoT to explosive growth.

The connectivity (4G, 5G) is the fundamental enabler. It has driven digitization in all kind of industries. The forthcoming 5G will provide extreme low latency and 100+ times of speed improvement over 4G in some cases to make thing impossible possible.

IoT has make many industries realize significant process improvement and productivity growth through embedded processing, connectivity and sensors.

Cloud creates the platform to enable efficient IoT implementation and deployment at scale with minimum efforts and capital investment.

With the IoT data collection and the Cloud at work, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) come to the play by using the compute-network-storage on-demand Cloud infrastructure to be trained and perform inference based upon IoT incoming stream data to achieve value and benefit never seen or possible before.

Finally, with the Edge Computing in prevailing, the AI/ML can be deployed and run on the edge instead of only on the Cloud and Edge computing enables use cases which is impossible from the past.

Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service (AWS) are two major dominant public cloud providers that we believe will be the major players providing IoT infrastructure for evolutional solutions by innovative minds. Also, Linux Foundation recently also has initiated one Edge project called LF EDGE under open source spirit.

Especially Microsoft will invest $5 billion in the IoT over the next four years. The current Azure IoT has various offerings covering end-to-end service portfolio, such as IoT Central, IoT Hub, IoT Edge, Azure Digital Twins to name a few. These services will enable any of us to build and deploy IoT services on the Cloud, to the Edge with same code base in any computer language running in container without capital investment within minimum development efforts.

Wistron ITS has used many Azure technologies including Azure IoT Hub to develop IoT solution for customers. During our development, we have realized the benefit of leveraging Azure IoT for the good of our customers. In the forthcoming projects, we will also leverage AI/ML in container environment orchestrated by open source Kubernetes running in the Cloud and on the edge for innovative values to our customers and energize our software development team to feel the power of "software will eat the world".