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Wistron ITS Honored at 51job’s 2019 Top Human Resources Management Awards

The Head of the Talent Development Center at Wistron ITS (third from left) receives the award on the company’s behalf.

Organized by China’s leading human resource service provider 51job, the 2019 Top Human Resources Management Awards ceremony recently took place in Beijing. With our philosophy of “everyone is be the star of their show,” Wistron ITS stood out among tens of thousands of enterprises and won an award. We are proud to have received this honor after being named “Best Enterprise for Cherishing Talent” by BOSS Zhipin earlier this year.

The Top Human Resources Management Awards is one of the biggest human resource awards in China, and the theme of this year is “Facing New Challenges and Creating a Smart Vision.” The judges selected the best enterprises based on how their human resource management supports business strategies, and how enterprises attract, develop and encourage talents to achieve their business goals.

As a leading professional IT service provider in Asia, Wistron ITS has always believed that “talent is our company’s biggest asset.” Therefore, we are dedicated to creating a tolerant work environment that encourages staff engagement and brings out the best in individuals. In other words, we strive to build a development platform for our staff to grow together. We currently have a global workforce of over 6000 employees, and we will continue to improve our human resource policies and enhance our appeal to talents.