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Kindness is Found Everywhere: Wistron ITS Helps Hearing-impaired Children

Chien-Min Liu (second from left), General Manager of Wistron ITS Beijing, visited the Rainbow Angel Café with colleagues to help hearing-impaired children.

The general manager of WITS Beijing Chien-Min Liu visited the Rainbow Angel Café at its new location with the Wistron ITS team. The Rainbow Angel Café is a skills-training café affiliated to Beijing Tien Yun Hearing Rehabilitation Center. It is a charity helping hearing-impaired children, providing them with skills training.

Due to their old location being slated for demolition in 2018, the Rainbow Angel Café had to relocate to Fu Lai Ranch. Wistron ITS donated tables and chairs, and purchased their handmade pastries as well. We believe that children need to be able to keep moving forward, or they will stop smiling. Every child is like a beautiful seed, and if we nurture them, it could change their lives. This time, we took action to ignite the flame of hope in their hearts.

Staff making pastries at the Rainbow Angel Café.

The Rainbow Angel Café was founded by benevolent people from Taiwan in November, 2016. Since its establishment, the café has been providing free training for hearing-impaired teenagers to learn how to make Taiwanese pastries, giving them the opportunity to learn skills to make a living and live a full life.

Many enterprises and people in both Taiwan and Beijing have offered their support so that the Rainbow Angel Café can continue to provide free training for these teenagers. They have trained many pastry bakers and in early 2019 opened their first shop on Fu Lai Ranch in Liulin Village, in the Su Jia Tuo Township of Haidian District. This shop provides job opportunities for these bakers, allowing them to work with dignity and earn a stable income, and thus lessening the financial burdens of their families.

Ordering Their Products

According to statistics, there are around 8.17 million disabled children in China, which is 15.8% of the total disabled population, and 2.66% of the total population of children in China.

The following picture is the QR code for ordering pastries from the Rainbow Angel Café. We hope to spread the love by inviting you to buy their products.

In addition to ordering pastries, you can also join the monthly donation program to make a fixed donation to the café each month. This will support the café to continue to provide free training, and you can receive their handmade pastries every month. We sincerely invite you to join the monthly donation program!