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2019 WITS HK Annual Dinner

WITS HK Annual Dinner. Staff dressed up to celebrate together, showcasing the innovative spirit of Wistron ITS. (Eighth from left is the Ching Hsiao, CEO of Wistron ITS)

Celebrating the Excellent Performance of WITS by Victoria Harbor. The 2019 WITS HK Annual Dinner was held at 100 Nathan Road on March 25th, 2019. Guests included our important clients, supervisors, and our young and energetic WITS HK team.

Since WITS HK was founded, the team has been a melting pot of international talent. Our staff includes Hong Kong locals as well as people from across the globe, such as the United States, Japan, India, South Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia.

One of WITS’ core values is “innovation,” and the theme of this year’s dinner, “Costume Party”, was designed to showcase this. We also offered 6 “Best Look Awards” to encourage staff to be creative.

Dinner entertainment featured a diverse range of performances. Three of our female staff got the party started with an energetic street dance performance. The live band, H2O, sang many great songs and other staff members also gave stunning impromptu performances. There was also a fun-packed game of Word Chain for everyone to enjoy. The highlight of the night was the raffle for cash prizes and gifts, with our CEO offering bonus gifts on the spot. All of the gift prizes were the hottest electronics on market that had the staff raising the roof with their excited cheers, and there was a smile on every face.

The success of the annual dinner must be credited to our annual dinner organizing team. Without their hard work, we could not have had such a great night. What a wonderful night of celebration in Hong Kong! Cheers, WITS HK! See you next year!