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AI & Image Recognition─The Smart Eyes of the Systems

How amazing would it be if you can turn the messy handwritten notes into a Word file with a quick scan from the cellphone camera? Image recognition can turn your imagination into reality.

Catch the Waves of Information Digitalization

With the growth of information technology, information digitalization has become the inevitable trend. Texts are the most vital and the most concentrated carrier, especially in the process of digitalization. Whereas the image recognition technology is the most pivotal component of digitalization, it not only turns images into texts for the computers to read and process, but also has high potential of being applied in the text-related fields.

AI Has Open a New Era for Image Recognition

Image recognition is not a brand new subject. It has decades of history. However, because of the limited computing capacity of the past, its development had been slow. In recent years, with the blossoming of computer technology which provides strong hardware support for AI, it has made AI become the hot commodity of the era. Similar to the successful application of AI in other fields, the achievement of AI in image recognition has brought powerful energy to this department. Iconic enterprises like Facebook has adopted image recognition to filter messages in the posts long ago. The future of its application is very promising.

Wistron ITS Boost the Accuracy of Image Recognition for Its Clients

Wistron ITS has improved the accuracy of image recognition with AI technology. Apart from the traditional image recognition, the AI image recognition systems are more accurate when turning images into texts while allowing people to store, search for, and edit data with much better productivity. Wistron ITS has developed an innovative image recognition system integrated with AI deep learning technology to make information processing more efficient and more precise for the clients with vast amount of data.

With the current information digitalization, image recognition still has rooms for further development. With the AI accelerator, they are going to complement each other well. In Wistron ITS, we believe AI will become the smart eyes of image recognition systems.