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Bring Together the Development Energy: Hot Discussions at the "Hua Mountain Swordfight"

To bring together the development energy and provide premium information service,Wistron ITS established three major development center at Taipei, Wuhan and Dalian this year. They also hosted the "Hua Mountain Swordfight" in Shanghai in mid-March, inviting the team members from each center to share experiences on software development. It was a great opportunity for open discussion.

Sharing Experiences on the IoT, agile development and Scrum

The meeting was highly regarded by Wistron ITS. The CEO, Ching Hsiao, the Executive Vice President, Rick Chang and the upper management of Taiwan and mainland China business units were all in attendance. Topics like the IoT, agile development and auxiliary tools are covered in this meeting. The IoT has its unique method to collect data. Analyzing big data can not only make the information smarter but also generate all kinds of infographic helping the decision makers to see the whole picture. The team members shared their experience on "agile development." The key is to have the trust and collaboration between the members. Taking Scrum, the mainstream agile development method for example, to organize a smooth-operating Scrum development team, it is required to keep up the pace and make adjustments along the progress. A fine agile development team does not start perfect but matures through working together.

UI generators and collaboration tools that improve the development performance

To improve the development performance, Wistron ITS has developed UI generators, which automatically generate the codes meeting the needs with simple configuration. The engineers only confirm and adjust business logic when necessary. Besides, the Wistron ITS team also share how to utilize global project management tools to follow up on the progress and hold web conferences on the cloud when working with clients and team members across different time zones. These tools not only allow projects to move forward more effectively but also make progress management zero time difference.

This session of "Hua Mountain Swordfight" has ended on a high note while the future sessions will continue to bring diverse sparks together and boost technology innovations.

The "Hua Mountain Swordfight" hosted by Wistron ITS in Shanghai brought together the development energy. Picture of David Yen, the General Manager of Wiston ITS Innovative Research and Development Center