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AI in Medical Imaging: What a Wonderful Time

AI has been the trendiest word in recent years. Many people even consider it as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Now, people in different fields try to improve or transform their existing business model with AI. AI has brought success in various fields. However, in the relatively conservative medicine field, the development of AI has just taken off.

In fact, diagnosis made through interpreting images with the assistance of computers is nothing new. This concept had already been brought up in 1967. However, the limit of computers’ computing capabilities and strict legal regulations hindered the development of computer applied in the medicine field over the past few decades.

We have observed that the AI trend has infiltrated into the medicine field which emphasizes rigorous standard and prioritizes patient’s safety. Many new AI technologies are applied in clinical research. Innovative business models have become the new living water to medical imaging which highly relied on doctors’ interpretation and the passed-down experiences.

Wistron ITS has followed this trend, using deep learning algorithm to enhance the accuracy of organ and tumor segmentation. Moreover, the development of multi-label classification algorithm is in progress. With this algorithm, the time costs on the identification and calibration of medical imaging can be significantly reduced.

The development of AI technologies is accelerating. Meanwhile, the loosened medical regulations and numerous unsolved problems in medical imaging make it the most wonderful time to introduce AI to medical imaging.


Wistron ITS is devoted in AI-powered medical imaging. With deep learning models and algorithm, it can detect important features automatically, significantly enhancing the accuracy of medical imaging interpretation.