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March, the Season of Career Change: Constant Need for Digital Services and High Demand

March, the season of career change has come again. As a software engineer, are you anxiously anticipating a career change?

Wistron ITS, which interviews tens of thousands of people in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China every year, indicates that the most in-demand software engineers are the JAVA developers. Meanwhile, talents related to AI, big data, FinTech, IoT, and 5G are still highly requested in the near future. If you are interested in these fields, pay attention to the relevant information.

Wistron ITS is a leading, professional information service provider in the Asia-Pacific region. Every year, tens of thousands of interviews were held in the branches all over the world. Our customers include the top 500 enterprises in the world and other great companies at home or abroad. The general manager of Wistron ITS Taiwan and Hong Kong business unit Ginnie Hsu has analyzed the current market needs and concluded that the most job openings are for JAVA developers, both in Taiwan and China. JAVA engineers are hot commodities in the market, who have three to five job offers in average to choose from. They are the last people to worry about not finding a job.

Ginnie Hsu says, “If using programming language as to categorize software engineers, .Net engineers rank second in the highest demanding jobs. The third is application developers. The fourth is C/C++ software engineer. As in China, the ranking of the most demanding jobs will be: JAVA engineers, followed by C++ software engineers, application developers and C software engineers.”

According to Wistron ITS, with the trend in technology industry, emerging technologies including AI, big data, IoT, Fintech, have created numerous new business models and applications, that are facilitated by information technology and rapidly increase the needs for new digital services. Besides, enterprises have the demands for digital transformation in order to adapt to the changes of new technology and the market. Ginnie Hsu points out, the needs for AI, big data, FinTech, IoT, as well as the thriving 5G-related technology will continue to grow in the upcoming five to ten years. Tech-driven talents can keep an eye on the relevant job vacancies and get ready for it. Wistron ITS suggests that engineers can keep these fields in mind. In the rapidly changing technology industry, knowing the trend and being prepared in advance are the keys to stay one step ahead the market.