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Accelerated by IT Technology, Wistron ITS Helped Startups Realize Creative Ideas

Wistron ITS participated Startup Master Workshop organized by the Taipei City Government and shared its successful experiences cooperating with startups.

As an industry-leading information service company, Wistron ITS provides four main categories of services in technical consultancy, information outsourcing, business process outsourcing and product globalization and gained successful cooperation experiences with startups from USA, China and Taiwan. Wistron ITS stated, “According to our experiences, many startups have something in common. They have great ideas and high demands for new technology and applications, but less assured about how to realize them.” With strong expertise in software development, experiences in hardware interfacing and knowledge in various industries and fields, Wistron ITS is capable of providing ideal IT services to startup clients, helping them implement business ideas, focus on core business, facilitate operation and increase revenue.

Wistron ITS adopted a collaborative method and took charge of IT applications that startup clients are not skilled in, assisting them to control schedule, cost and quality effectively during the product development process.

Wistron ITS also indicated, “We have ten business locations throughout the world in Taiwan, China, Japan and USA and forged business ties with Global-500 enterprises and decent companies from USA, Japan, China and Taiwan. We would be honored to cooperate with suitable startup teams and believe our work will make positive impact over their market expansion efforts.”