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Wistron ITS Launches Multi-media APP witsmart, Offering Live Broadcast of Fox Channel in Taiwan

With modern day life further and further entrenched with smartphones, it is increasingly important that we utilize them to make our lives easier; now there’s a new choice.

Wistron ITS today launched its own multimedia APP, witsmart, which has been developed by the Wistron ITS in-house development team. The APP offers instant messaging and app store functions, and also allows for HD live streaming of Fox channels, allowing the user to binge watch TV series or live sports events on the go.

Witsmart is a brand new multimedia app by Wistron ITS, the naming combines ‘wit’ and ‘smart’, as well as the concept of a ‘market (mart)’. Wistron ITS hopes that consumers will use this app as a gateway on their mobile, and use it to access various services satisfying the needs for shopping, instant messaging, online video/audio streaming and so on.

The biggest highlight of the new app witsmart, is that it collaborates with FOX channels, offering HD live streaming of its network channels. This is a first not only in Taiwan, but also in South East Asia as a whole. In conjunction with the ZTE Blade S6 Plus handset, a special offer of 1 year free FOX international HD quality network streaming. This collaboration allows the user full access to TV series, movies, and sport events such as Wimbledon, JBL, Formula One, MotoGP, and all international gold tournaments within your grasp.

Additionally, the app store on the platform of witsmart offers a diverse online shopping experience, which includes well-known shopping portals such as PChome24 hour shopping and ETshopping. In the future, witsmart aims to constantly update and add new categories and content, such as online learning, mobile gaming and other possibilities. Moreover, the users may customize their own personal shopping interface based on their individual needs, allowing for a smart shopping experience.

Smart app witsmart also comes with instant messaging function, offering basics such as chat-rooms, free voice call and 070 internet cost-saving call service, using a 070 number to call another 070 number would be free of charge, and calling mobile phones from a 070 number costs 2.88 dollars per minute (calculated at 6 second intervals), whilst calling a local landline would cost 1.5 dollars per 5 minutes; international calls for China, Hong Kong, the US and Canada only costs 0.6 dollars per minute (calculated at 6 second intervals), offering a competitive price range for consumers with the need of local landlines, long-distance or international calls.

“ Wistron ITS has been focusing on offering services to our enterprise customers in the past, services such as software development, testing, localization and internationalization; this is the first time we offer our service to end-users; in the past we developed apps for our enterprise customers, this is our consumer focused app.” Wistron ITS CEO, Dr. Ching Hsiao said, “With the technological trend of Cloud computing, Wistron ITS developed witsmart from the perspective of Software as a Service (SaaS). In the future, we might just service more enterprise customers using the SaaS model.”

witsmart app is a built-in feature for the ZTE Blade S6 Plus handset. This handset offers 4G LTE, 8 core system plus a HD screen size of 5.5 inch, amplifying the joy of audio/video display. It also boasts a built-in camera of 1,3M pixels, and a 5M pixel front camera. This super smart phone will only be sold through online channels, with a set price of NTD9,888 dollars, and a special offer of one year free viewing of HD Fox international channels. The handset will become available at the PChome online shopping platform from 3pm of June 30th, with the first 500 buyers receiving anearly bird gift: a Handy 7000mAh Power Bank. Sales of the handset will expand to momo shopping channel and Yahoo Shopping Center from July 11th onwards; and in late July ET Shopping will join the distribution of the handset, offering Seidio mobile covers as a freebee.