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Wistron ITS Partners with Hitachi Solutions to Offer Location Intelligence Solutions

Taipei, May 25, 2011

Wistron Information Technology & Services Corporation (Wistron ITS) and Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. announced they are partnering to offer location intelligence solutions for the Taiwan market today. Two companies will release the GeoPDF solution for the Taiwan market from June 2011. By adopting the GeoPDF solution, organizations can easily manipulate and deliver the geographic information in PDF format to the field easily. Crisis management is one of the potential fields for using the GeoPDF solution.

The GeoPDF solution is comprised of three components for publishing, composing and utilizing GeoPDF files with geographic information which was exported from GIS. The GeoPDF specification extends the PDF format with GIS functionality, and is currently being reviewed by Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC), a GIS standards body, for adoption as a standard.

The GeoPDF solution is increasingly deployed in the field of crisis management in Japan. It simplifies the task of verifying house damage in areas attacked by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Nowadays, corporations possess a great volume of data that contains location information, such as customer information, facilities information and transaction records. Therefore, not only for crisis management field, corporations can adopt GeoPDF solutions to facilitate various field works, such as real estate, water and power services.

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