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"Smart Campus/Portable Learning" Pilot Project Kick-off in Kaohsiung

Wistron ITS and Chunghwa Telecom participated the pilot project “Smart Campus/Portable Learning” planned by the Bureau of Education of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. By demonstration the signature on the electronic family contact book, Chen Chu – Mayor of Kaohsiung announced the launch of this pilot project.

There are five elementary schools in Kaohsiung will get involved in this pilot project from September this year. Information Center of Kaohsiung Education Bureau, Wistron ITS and Chunghwa Telecom will provided the required software and hardware jointly. At that time, students can get rid of heavy textbooks with light Android Tablet PC for the classes.

Bureau of Education has being planned the program for "smart campus/ portable learning" from 2010. They worked with Wistron ITS and Chunghwa Telecom to develop and integrate the total solution which including hardware, software and 3G network. In the next semester of September, students will experience the new learning environment with Android Tablet PC and 3G connectivity.

Wistron ITS is happy to contribute the digital content management platform development experience and cloud technology in this project. Also, Wistron ITS is optimistic for the market trend on the digital content and e-learning in the future.

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