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Wistron ITS, with its rich experience in the insurance industry, combined with years of experience in IT project services, has planned, designed and provided various outstanding industry solutions and professional services to well-known insurance companies both at home and abroad. It has been designed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, improve profitability, maximize business development and maximize economic efficiency.

Service Scope

  • Service Types The following services are provided based on clients’ needs:
    • - Technical Consulting Service
    • - IT Services Support
    • - Project Development
    • - Software Maintenance
    • - Application Management Service, AMS
  • Core Competencies
    • - Specialized in the IT Systems for the Insurance Industry
    • - Comprehensive Project Management
    • - Proficient in Technical Skills
    • - Flexible Delivery Models

Success Cases

  • Developed and implemented a core sales system, a big data analysis system, a channel management system for a top insurance company
  • Maintained the systems for an insurance company
  • Developed and implemented a mobile sales’ office system for a well-known insurance group
  • Developed and implemented an insurer service website for a well-known insurance group
  • Developed and implemented an insurance proposal system for a well-known insurance group
  • Developed and implemented a dynamic management platform
  • System Development Items
    • - Image process, query, extracting system, e-sales system and e-sales printing system
    • - Cash Audit System, Database Rule Engine
    • - SMS Broker Platform WebSerive, Insuree Policy Information Query
    • - Electronic Signature System, Transaction Data Analysis Platform, Policy Core System
    • - Mortgage Web System, New Policy Underwriting System, Consultation-Liaison Platform
    • - Employee Management System (Employee information, mailing address, serving unit, salary management)
    • - Policy Change System, Tax Receipt Management System, Group Insurance Policy Change System

California Office
18100 Von Karman Ave., Suite 850 lrvine, CA 92612, USA

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