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As the strength of Wistron ITS , Wistron ITS has long-term relationship with well-known high-quality financial clients both at home and abroad. We provide IT-related technical consultancy services, software outsourcing services and solutions. Up to now, Wistron ITS has accumulated rich experience in financial projects.

Service Scope

  • Service Type According to customer’s needs, we can provide the following types of service:
    - Technical Consultancy services
    - IT support service
    - Project development
    - Testing Service - Maintenance service
    - Financial related business process outsourcing services
  • Financial Solutions (Industry Area knowledge)
    - Mobile payment
    - New non-trial trial system solution
    - Post-loan control system solution
    - IFRS related solution
    - Core system related
    - Credit factory
    - Mobile credit
    - Consumer Finance
    - Supply chain credit
    - Credit CRM
  • Based on the service process and form, Wistron ITS provides a full range of professional services
    - Pre-sale consultation POC
    - System Difference Analysis
    - Financial / Data Warehousing Consulting Services
    - repair service - Business Analysis
    - Project Construction Team
  • Multiple flexible implementations
    - Wistron ITS stationed management team, in order to meet customer requirements of the service level
    - All-time stationary and non-stationary modes
    - First-line stagnation and second-line support for mixed mode
  • Services
    - Professional software sales and consulting services
    - Big Data Professional Technology Implementation Services
    - Big Data Project Planning and Construction Services
    - Other IT-related services
  • Core competencies
    - Professional experience in the financial system construction. Across the gold, gold letter and legal gold-rich business processes and heterogeneous systems
    - integration experience, especially the credit card information system experience, from filing, scoring/review, card/card, billing, storage, collection, security Risk management and risk management have related platform construction experience.
    - Comprehensive project management
    - Strong technical skills
    - Flexible delivery model
  • Success case
    - A well-known bank lending control project to effectively reduce the customer's bad debt ratio
    - Several well-known banks develop O & M, functional testing, and performance testing services
    - A number of well-known banks provide a full range of comprehensive delivery services from project, third-party testing, on-site manpower service, BPO
    - Development and implementation of a bank SME credit system business advisory service project, two mobile credit systems (client screening, mobile access)
    - A bank credit business advisory services project, credit platform construction projects
    - Financial institution credit factory business consulting project, system development and implementation of the project
    - Development and implementation of an international bank mobile credit system
    - project System development project
      - A credit card center verification test system development
      - A bank underwriting system, enterprise credit card credit system, receivables system development
      - Securities proprietary system development
    - A number of well-known bank big data precision marketing
    - Well-known bank financial services image scanning data processing services
    - Well-known bank archives digital business

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