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IT operation and maintenance management services

Wistron ITS IT operations management services disrupt the past operation and maintenance services. In the past, the traditional operation and maintenance services did not solve the information needs of enterprises. Therefore, it is even more necessary to monitor the status of IT operation and maintenance, change and configuration of IT assets, upgrade and optimize systems through daily routine and initiative operation, Architecture improvement and problem improvement, system high availability construction, disaster recovery system handover protection and a series of proactive maintenance operation and maintenance services.

We have many years of large customer and professional software development strength, so a single system integration service providers more understanding of hardware and software integration, hardware and software performance, operation and maintenance of data analysis capabilities, from different for the provision of IT operation and maintenance services, Wistron ITS can provide one-stop service no matter from basic IT service to high-level system operation and maintenance service.

Service Content

Wistron ITS provides enterprises in different stages of IT services needed, and customers grow together.

According to the enterprise at different stages, Wistron ITS also provides the corresponding operation and maintenance software program.

Serice Project

  • Infrastructure and basic management services
  • Hardware infrastructure management services
  • Network System Management Services
  • Storage System Management Services
  • Operating System Management Services
  • Database management services
  • Virtualization and cloud services
  • Application Maintenance Management Service
  • Application Development Management Services
  • Business optimization and strategic planning services
  • Business safety management
  • Disaster generation and recovery services
  • Project Implementation: Transition & Transformation (Conversion and Transformation)
  • Customer Service Management
  • Service level management
  • System monitoring/reporting
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Operations Management (Events, Changes, Issues, etc.)


  • Familiar with the market's most advanced management and monitoring tools
  • Independent research and development of customized capacity
  • Focus on software and system maintenance service
  • Perfect service and delivery system
  • One-stop service: including consulting service, designing user's overall IT architecture, business software development, system operation and maintenance service
  • ITSS operation and maintenance services technical standards
  • Customer service across different industry experience

Success Case

Wistron ITS O & M service has successful customer service experience in manufacturing, finance, education and other industries across the Taiwan and China. The services include hosting and operation and maintenance services, first-line network O & M services, O & M software development, software and software Victoria, IT hardware and architecture services planning, etc.

Representative Client

World well-known chemical company, China top 10 automotive groups, International insurance group, An international group in Taiwan, China University of Geosciences, etc.


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