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The global payment market is rapidly changing. The competitive advantage of the financial industry is constantly pushing for innovative business models. Wistron ITS’ technology platform, component function standardization design, and overall solution can help financial institutions to cope with rapid market fluctuation, provide emerging application technology, and create new added value.

Service Type

Wistron ITS can provide the following services:

  • Technical consulting services (technical staffing)
  • Project development
  • Software testing and maintenance
  • Financial related business process outsourcing services

Complete Payment Flow Service

In response to the tide of financial digitization, Wistron ITS offers a full range of payment services for financial customers. These include:

  • Mobile Commerce
  • Peer-to-Peer Platforms (P2P)
  • Third-Party Payment
  • Bonus Points
  • Wallet Payment
  • Mobile APP

For mobile payment solutions, Wistron ITS provides bank credit cards, payment access services between financial cards and HCE payment platforms (


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