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Application Management Service

The application innovation of science and technology drives the continuous updating and growth of the application system of enterprises. While developing new technologies and systems to support the motivation of enterprises, information service departments must also maintain the limited resources of existing application systems. It has been the greatest pressure on information managers that the information service department has to arrange the necessary human resources to maintain the legacy system while Information service departments support for the development of new systems.

For many years, Wistron ITS has established and accumulated strong system delivery and maintenance capabilities. Wistron ITS considered it has become the best partner of each enterprise information unit. Provide the necessary resources to help enterprises in the daily operation of existing applications; the enterprise information service department can be more focused on the innovation and development of the new system; and to nurture the information manpower in line with the development of the enterprise in the future.

Service Content

  • Information system maintenance and development service
  • System Optimization and Strategic planning service
  • System monitoring and reporting services
  • Stationed manpower service
  • Test service
  • Education and training
  • Technical advisory services

Service Mode

  • Established and management of stationed teams in order to meet customer-requested service level agreement (Service Level Agreement, SLA)
  • Full-time stationary and non-stationary and second-line support
  • Mixed mode with first-line stationary and second-line support

Success Case

  • A well-known financial holding group
  • World’s top 500 manufacturing group
  • World’s top 500 high-tech companies

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